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Hi there! We’re so glad that you found our little blog haven! In our space here in blogosphere, you will find tons of great information about spa treatments, salon products, and beauty services. We’ll also share helpful beauty tips and tricks that will show you how to maintain your salon style so that you can keep it looking vibrant and fresh until your next appointment.

We want to keep you on the pulse of beauty trends and salon fashion. Everything you need to know about the latest hair styles and looks that celebrities are sporting will be showcased on this blog. We understand that you don’t want to only know what’s in vogue to celebs, but how you can have those looks and styles as well. Bon-Bon Salon and Spa wants to bring Hollywood hair glitz and beauty glam to you. When you experience our services, we want you to look and feel revitalized and rejuvenated when you leave our premises. We will discuss massage and spa do’s and don’ts. Our blog is an extension of our salon mission and therefore, it is loaded with entertainment, advice, tips, and beauty news that will keep you abreast of all things spa and salon.

There’s a lot of information on the internet about beauty and spa. Trying to cut through all the confusing and sometime misleading data can be daunting. Our goal with our blog is to become your one-stop location for interesting, well researched, posts delivered in an easy to understand way that can benefit you. We want to educate you in a fun and engaging way on how to look great and feel fabulous. Our blog will keep you in the know about specials and promotions that we are offering at our salon.

We hope that you will visit our blog often and we would love for you to share it with your family and friends. Leave us comments so that we can know if it’s useful to you. Feel free to ask questions or suggest topics that you would like us to discuss. Our main purpose for this blog is to be a resource for you and to provide another way for you to interact with us.



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